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Private Chef Wedding Dinner
Adventure Elopements HV
in Collaboration with
A Fully Customizable Culinary Experience

Imagine how special it would be to have your favorite foods made just for you, the way you like them. Now stop imagining because we can make it a reality! Who doesn't love GREAT food? Wedding and event dining is meant to help elevate your event. Food feeds our bodies, but great food feeds our body and mind.  You trust us to plan and execute your wedding, now let us feed you and your loved ones! We have partnered with Chef Zach Berger, owner of Cultural Paradise, to bring you top quality taste and service. Let us elevate your event with the ultimate culinary experience!


WHY WE CHOSE Cultural Paradise 

We believe in making your wedding day a beautiful experience. One aspect of that is the food you and your loved ones eat. Both Cultural Paradise and Adventure Elopements of the Hudson Valley believe in providing excellent service and we share a lot of core values. Cultural Paradise works to cater to your culinary needs, while also supporting local farms and small businesses to provide you with fresh, sustainable and consistently delicious food. 

A Note From the Chef

 All my dishes represent the Hudson Valley in some way as well as my travel around the world. As a chef I strive to study cuisine from all around the world. I focus on flavors from the Hudson Valley such as maple, honey, smoke, distillery, orchard flavors and more and blend them with dishes from around these travels. This includes influences from my time spent owning a restaurant in Cusco Peru. I can focus on a traditional farm to table Hudson Valley menu or travel to different regions of the world. I look forward to giving you a culinary experience to enhance your event.


Located in the beautiful      Hudson Valley, NY



          Phone: 845-481-0430

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